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BAYA Center


In June of last year, I had a dream that B.A.Y.A. had an actual facility to provide self-esteem building services to girls in the community at no charge.  In my dream the space was located inside of a mall.  When I woke up, I immediately went out on a limb and emailed GreenTree Mall in Clarksville, IN requesting to lease a space in their mall.  To my surprise they responded back to me the next day and told me they had a space for me to look at.  When I saw the space, I fell in love!  It was not located in the mall but right next door in the GreenTree Plaza. 

All our services will be provided to the community at no charge!

The space has two large rooms.  Our multi-purpose room will be used for B.A.Y.A. programing, different community programs, dance classes, step classes and other empowering sessions for girls and women.  The second room will be our B.A.Y.A. Decompression room.  This room will be very special because it will be a safe space for our girls.  This space will allow the girls to come in and just unwind without worrying about anything.  They will be allowed to use aroma therapy, sit at our stress relief/sensory table, listen to soft music or just relax in their own way. 


According to the CDC between 1999 and 2016 suicide increased by 25% nationwide.  Suicide is now ranked the 10th leading causes of death overall.  For girls between the ages of 1-19 suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death.


Our goal with this space is to cut down on suicide, self-harm and bullying in our community by teaching girls’ positive ways to cope with their stress. 

Girl Eating Marshmallows
Shy Girls Smiling for the Camera
Happy Girls
Happy Young Girls
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