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About BAYA

B.A.Y.A which stands for "Beautiful as you are" is a non profit organization and was created to give a safe place to the girls who never fit in, are always looked at as different because they don't go with the crowd or just for girls who want to have a safe place to talk and have fun hanging with the girls.

Everyone fits in here!


Beautiful As You Are is creating a world where young people can learn how to be better leaders, entrepreneurs, and servants with a high self-esteem and purpose.



The mission of BAYA is to encourage, inspire, and develop youth to find their inner voice; impacting families and communities everywhere.

About Our Founder

B.A.Y.A Corporation was founded by Tanisha (Tish) Frederick in May of 2014 and was established as a 501c3 Non-Profit organization in September of 2016.  The B.A.Y.A "Beautiful as You Are" name was birthed out of a very low time in the Frederick family household.  The family relocated in 2011 and their children had to change schools in the middle of the school year. Their daughter had a very hard time adjusting to the move and began getting bullied in her 7th grade year of middle school.  This led to very destructive behavior which caused her to have to be hospitalized. 

As a mother, Tish could not understand how such a beautiful, talented, and intelligent young lady could suffer from such low self-esteem.  One day while Tish was at work, the phrase "Beautiful as You Are" dropped into her spirit and the concept for B.A.Y.A was birthed.  The goal of this group is to teach girls that they are so much more than their reflection in the mirror by constantly reinforcing there is much more to life than what you look like or what your peers think of you.  Since 2014 B.A.Y.A has grown from 7 girls to over 100 in the Louisville, Kentucky area.