Friend Type/Real Friends...

Hey guys! Today, I want to talk a little bit about the type of friends we like to have or surround ourselves with. Sure, we want those friends that we can be goofy with and the friends that can keep your most embarrassing secrets, but to me, it's more to me. I want the the type of friends who I can talk to about anything and feel like I'm not being judged. I want friends that I can trust to have my back when I've had their back. But here's where things get tricky. What if your friend does all of those things, but they are the type of person to act like they don't know you when they are around their other friends? What if they are the type of person to peer pressuring you into doing things such as stealing, doing drugs, or skipping class? At that point, they're not really your friends. As much as we enjoy the good things about having that friend, we have to really think about the negatives of being with that friend and think if getting in trouble or feeling bad for what they did to you is really worth staying around because of the positives there are of being their friend. What qualities do you guys look for in a friend? What do you all consider as a real friend and a fake friend?

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